About me

Hello!  I'm Danielle.  I have two super-active, always-going little boys.  My 3-year-old has more personality than anyone I have ever met in my life, and my 1-year-old is the sweetest, goofiest, laid-back kid around. When I first moved to Henderson, I was just entering the stage of motherhood where we wanted to get out to play, discover, do activities, adventure, and explore.  


When you search the internet, you can find out how much and when and where, but the questions I really have are "Is is fun? Is it worth it?  Is my child old enough/young enough?  Do I need socks?  Can I bring snacks?  Where should I park?"  Most of the answers to these questions, along with ideas for new things to try in the area come to me by word of mouth through my network of friends.  I want EVERYONE to have a network like this available at your fingertips!  


I'm all about letting you know what's happening around town, what you should check out, and candid reviews of activities for kids.  So check out the blog, follow us on social media, and let's play!




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Adventures and activities geared towards kids.  Where to go and what to do in Henderson, NV with littles.


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