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Summer Movies at the Library




The Paseo Verde Library shows kids movies for free on Thursdays at 10am from June 7 to August 9, 2018.  You can bring snacks, blankets, and chairs.  All ages can enjoy this activity.  This is a great activity that is more exciting than sitting home and watching movies.






Paseo Verde Library

280 S Green Valley Pkwy



The library starts the movies rolling right at 10am on Thursdays, so don’t be late!  But if you are, don’t feel like you can’t go in, you still can.  The movies are shown in the big activity room through the doors on the left when you enter the library, across from the coffee shop.  The windows are covered and it is very dark inside, which makes for great movie viewing, but know that if you come in late, or just during the movie in general, it is hard to move around and find things because it is super dark.  My kids didn’t have a problem with the dark, but some might.


Here is the 2018 schedule:

June 7 Frozen

June 14 Aladdin

June 21 Trolls

June 28 Tangled

July 5 Sing

July 12 Shrek

July 19 Mulan

July 26 Hercules

August 2 Rock Dog

August 9 Moana



Lots of snacks/drinks (I recommend things that won’t make a HUGE mess and that can be opened/eaten in the dark.  I took a Tupperware with my yogurt parfait in it, bad move, it got sat in and got everywhere.)


Take whatever you want to sit in/on.  If you get there early enough you can put up a chair in the  back, or stake out a spot on the floor with your blanket or something.


You can easily take a stroller into the library, I recommend parking it near the door in the movie room, in case you need to leave.  It is impossible to get a stroller out once the room is full of people all over the floor.



We have tried this activity multiple times and have yet to make it through the whole movie.  For some reason, Kyler (2) will watch a full movie on the couch at home, but he gets bored of it at the library. It’s also hard to keep the baby entertained when he’s not interested in watching a movie and also can’t see any toys I put in front of him because it’s too dark. It has still been fun.  We just enjoy it while it lasts, and then leave when they’re done (hence the tip about parking the stroller such that you can make a quick getaway in the dark).  For us, the ideal situation is going with a friend, so Kyler is more motivated to stay in the room, and if I have to step out with Korbin, there is someone to stay in the room.



I love to be in a room full of kids who all have the same little reactions and gasps and laughing fits all at the same time during the movie.  They show well-known and fairly recent movies, so all the kids are into it.



They did a great job blacking out the room for the full movie effect, but it just makes life super hard with small children in a pitch black room.  It’s my only complaint.  There is more visibility in an actual movie theater than there is in there.



We will probably try again one more time before summer is out, but we’re also going to try the library’s “picnic & a movie” event, which is at night time on a Tuesday, so maybe I can get some backup from Dad and it might go more smoothly.




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