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"Play With Me" at the Library (Summer)




This activity for ages 1 to 5 replaces regular Wednesday storytime during the summer.  Wednesdays at 9:30 or 10:30.  BE EARLY (10 min, at least) to get a ticket, it’s usually crowded.  The kids enjoy stories and stations of themed activities.






Paseo Verde Library

280 S Green Valley Pkwy


This activity is in the large activity room directly to the left when you enter the library, across from the coffee shop.



First of all, don’t be late!  In fact, if you aren’t AT LEAST 10 minutes early, there is a chance you will not get a “ticket” to get it.  There is plenty of parking, just the later you are the farther away you park.  So get there early, head into the library to the children’s desk and ask for a ticket, then go check out books or play in the “bright spot” play area or with the puzzles on the tables in the children’s section for 10 minutes.  Trust me, it’s much easier to show up early for 9:30 than it is to show up right at 9:30, not get a ticket, and try to entertain kids in the library for an hour waiting for the 10:30 session.


When it’s time to start, we sing the hello song and a librarian reads a few books and does songs with the kids, and they are then set free to explore different stations with themed activities.  The first meeting of the summer was all about sea creatures, so that’s what the books and songs were about and Kyler (2) spent most of his playtime at the station with the water and magnetic fishing poles.  At the end the kids enjoy some parachute time. 



Nothing in particular.  I always take a quarter because Kyler loves to put it in those [sanitarily questionable] candy machines right by the door.  I sometimes take my stroller in if Korbin is sleeping.



We only did this activity once this summer, because we were so disappointed that it wasn’t as good as last summer.  Last summer it was drop-in (no set times) and there were no stories or songs, just different STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) stations each week.  It was more like a playdate and less like storytime.  A librarian told me that last summer they got feedback that people were missing the “story” aspect of the activities, but in my opinion they ruined a good thing.



I liked that they did the “hello song,” it’s a crowd favorite at storytime all school year, so it was fun to continue that.  Kyler is finally starting to learn the words. 


The library always has top-notch interactive toys.  They must get some awesome funding or have great donors because their educational toys are so great.  That’s why we go to these things.



There were WAY too many kids for this to be a storytime-like activity.  The librarian was overwhelmed by all the noise and was continually shushing them.  All the toys are out around the room, and then they let SO many kids in and ask them all to sit in the middle for a story, but they can see the toys and just want to run go play.  By the time the stories were finished, there wasn’t much time for playing.  They called all the kids back to the parachute at the end, but they all still wanted to play.  During parachute time kids were screaming and the librarian stopped the activity to discipline the kids, which confused and scared some of the very youngest kids (probably the ones who were screaming, because what do you expect with a huge parachute and 30 kids under it).  Overall, the timing of the whole thing was off, and the expectations for the kids to play/not play were off.



We went to the very first one of the summer and haven’t been back since.  Now that I’ve written this review, I’ve decided that we will go back and try the last one of the summer, just to give it a second chance.  I hope they change some things for next summer.




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