I'm Danielle! Play Henderson is a resource for anyone who parents, nannies, or hangs out with kids. My two boys and I do as much adventuring as possible and we share about it here.  I write reviews of parks, pools, classes, events, etc. and give you what you need to know to make the most of living in Henderson, NV.

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Rec Swim Lessons




Swim lessons at the rec center are very affordable.  Classes are 30 or 40 minutes long and there will be up to 6 kids in a class with one or two instructors.  Children under 3 have to do a “Parent N Me” class with you before they can be in lessons by themselves.  Make sure you watch your kids. Skip the locker room if you can.



38 per session for levels 1-6

29 per session for Parent N Me and Preschool

60 per session for semi-private

(some sessions are shorter because of holidays, and prices are adjusted accordingly)



Black Mountain Aquatic Complex (outdoor)

599 Greenway Rd. 

(Horizon Dr. & 515)


Henderson Multigenerational Center (outdoor/indoor)

250 S. Green Valley Pkwy.

(Green Valley & Paseo Verde)


Heritage Park Aquatic Complex (outdoor)

300 S. Racetrack Rd.

(Boulder Hwy & Horizon Dr.)


Silver Springs Rec Center (outdoor)

1951 Silver Springs Pkwy.

(Valle Verde & Warm Springs)


Wells Pool (outdoor)

1650 Price St.

(Boulder Hwy. & Sunset)


Whitney Ranch (indoor)

1575 Galleria Dr.

(Russell Rd. & Galleria Dr.)



Classes generally run in two-week increments, with 8 classes running Monday through Thursday (twice).  There are up to 6 kids in a class with one or two instructors.  Parent N Me and Preschool classes are 30 minutes long and levels 1 through 6 are 40 minutes long.  Semi-Private classes (up to 3 students) are offered only at Black Mountain and cost $60 per session.



Sunscreen!  Swimming in the morning is such an easy way to get burnt – burnt bad.  I’m an advocate of skin cancer prevention.  Just bring the sunscreen, okay?!


We took our lessons at the Multigenerational Center.  You park in the lot on the NW side of the building, where you can see the pool.  You can easily take a stroller up the ramp to the pool entrance and inside.



We did Parent N Me swim lessons when Kyler was about 18 months.  We had already done a summer of Parent N Me classes the summer before at our old pool before we moved here, so I knew what to expect.  It was more of the same.  Parent N Me classes mainly focus on becoming familiar with the water and comfortable in different positions in the water.  You really don’t need an instructor for that sort of thing, you could easily just take your baby swimming by yourself (coming from a mom who was a swim instructor, though).  However, it’s nice to have a reason to get out of the house and do something different than swim by yourself. 



Swimming is fun!  So we like it.  Parking is easy and not too far.  There were only one other parent and tot combo with us.  The instructor was fun and flexible.



We did Parent N Me lessons at the Multigenerational Center in the middle of summer, in the morning, and the water was freezing!  We ended up quitting after two classes because my normally water-loving little guy was totally miserable and wouldn’t do anything but cling on to me for warmth.  The other baby in the class did better, but everyone was definitely cold!


We are not doing rec classes this summer for a few reasons.  One, because Kyler is not yet 3 he would still be in Parent N Me at first, and now that Korbin has joined us, I can’t do Parent N Me with both of them at once. Kyler is also well beyond becoming familiar with the water.  As far as the classes without parents go, I worry about having so many kids in one class with only one instructor.  The kids don’t get much attention and spend most of the lesson waiting their turn.  It can get boring for the kids, but I also worry about somebody going under without anyone noticing.  If you do swim lessons here (or anywhere!) PLEASE watch the lesson.  I have a friend who just recently had to quickly set her newborn down and run into the water to retrieve her 2-year-old who was under.



Eventually.  I learned to swim in rec classes and went on to a long career as a competitive swimmer, so I think starting in rec classes is great.  I was also a rec class swim instructor.  I have nothing against the program.  Once my kids can swim well enough to be safe on their own, I will definitely take advantage of the low cost and convenience of rec classes to help them develop their strokes.



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