I'm Danielle! Play Henderson is a resource for anyone who parents, nannies, or hangs out with kids. My two boys and I do as much adventuring as possible and we share about it here.  I write reviews of parks, pools, classes, events, etc. and give you what you need to know to make the most of living in Henderson, NV.

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How to choose classes (Henderson Happenings)



The best day of every 3ish months is when we get Henderson Happenings in the mail!


Call me a tree-waster, but I love things in print.  I’m one of those people who won’t read on a Kindle because I need it to be a printed book.  The convenience of having things all online is great, but it’s so much easier for me to process when it has pages and I can touch it.  I remember being a kid and looking through the booklet of community classes offered at the local high school over the summer.  I circled every class I was interested in, and my mom would let me do a few each summer.  We even took an Irish dancing class together once.  For me, it’s almost just as fun to browse for activities as it is to go out to do them.




1.  I pick a rec centers that I'm willing to do classes at (based on location).  Silver Springs, Whitney Ranch, and the Multigenerational Center are all about the same distance for me, so those are the ones I look at.  The rec centers are listed vertically on the edges of the pages. (Note:  swim lessons and sports leagues are in their own section, not listed by rec center)


2.  Then I scan for ages.  The first column on each listing gives the age that the activity is open to.  I highlight the title of each activity that fits our ages.


3.  Once you’ve narrowed down your options, come to the Play Henderson blog to read about what the classes are like!


4.  Once I’ve decided which classes we want to try, I check the dates and times.  If a class you want isn’t offered at a time that works for you, check another rec center.  Many of the classes are offered on different days at different times at other rec centers.


5.  After that whole process, I do eventually go through and look at every single page, to make sure I catch everything!  The catalogue includes special holiday events and family activities that may interest you, in addition to the classes.




You must have an online account in order to do the online registration.  In order to set up an account the first time, you need to go to a rec center.  I believe they ask for your address to determine if you are a resident or not (you will pay a little bit extra for classes if you're not) and they will set you up.


1.  Go to


2.  Choose "Online Registration"


3.  Choose "Register Now" (this is also the page with a link to view Henderson Happenings online)


4.  Under "Quick Links" choose "Browse Activities"


5.  You can do a search for the activity you want using one of the several search options, but this gets complicated and sometimes doesn't work well.  I recommend using the activity code from the catalogue for the activities you want, so you will be directed right to what you're looking for.


6.  Click the add to cart symbol on the activity you want.  Be sure to check the dates to make sure you are selecting the right session.


7. After you add to cart, a green bar pops up at the bottom of your screen.  You must click the “enroll now” button.


8. Choose a family member for the class (to add family members call in to do it over the phone) and click “Add to Cart.”


9.  When you are finished choosing activities, checkout!  You will get an email confirmation that also has the days, times and locations of your class.



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Adventures and activities geared towards kids.  Where to go and what to do in Henderson, NV with littles.


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