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Sea Quest Interactive Aquarium


Sea Quest is a kid-focused aquarium located inside the Boulevard Mall.  You can feed and touch the animals at many of the exhibits.



2 and under free

Age 2-11 $9.95

Age 12+ $14.95

Age 55+, Military $12.95


Additional cost to purchase “tokens” to feed animals

Annual passes are also available

Right now they are running a promotion on annual passes, ask for 25% off



3528 S Maryland Pkwy #340, Las Vegas, NV 89169



The aquarium is actually inside the mall.  The best place to park is at the mall entrance near Goodwill and John’s Pizza (the south end of the mall).  This is important to note, because if you use GPS to get there, it may to the main mall entrance and you will have a long walk (like I did…).  Update:  There is now a large “Sea Quest” sign on the building that helps you find the way.



If you have a non-mobile baby, you will want a stroller or carrier.  I didn’t have a stroller with me, but there was plenty of room for maneuvering and no steps anywhere.




Sea Quest recently opened, so we decided to check it out.  We went on a Wednesday morning, shortly after it opened for the day.  There are a lot of fish, stingray, and shark exhibits, hence aquarium, but we were surprised to see iguanas, geckos, ducks, snakes, and birds too.  The space is fairly large and kept us entertained for 2+ hours (with a 1 and 3-year-old), with a short snack break.  There is an area with picnic tables and as far as I could tell you are welcome to bring your own snacks to that area.



We liked the aquarium staff.  We were looking at some eels and a staff member stopped by to show us how when he put his tool on the glass they shot into their little holes.  Each room had someone in it with a snake draped around them or holding a bird.  Everyone was very helpful.


I wasn’t totally sold on getting a pass or even coming back anytime soon, until we saw the parakeet exhibit.  You can go into a giant caged-off space and hold out your arms and become instantly covered in tiny birds.  It was so cool!  Kyler (3) was a little nervous about that.  We used some tokens here to feed the birds, but you can go in even if you don’t have tokens to feed them.  After we did that I decided it would be fun to come back.



It took me a while to figure out why it felt so weird inside the aquarium, then I realized it’s because there are no windows!  This is obviously because it is inside the mall.  It didn’t bother me too much, but gave it a little bit of a weird, dark vibe. Also, because they just recently opened, there were a few areas that were still a little bit under construction.


The time that we went (on a weekday in the morning) there were several field trip groups there, which made it a little crowded and noisy.  I don’t know how the crowds are in the afternoons, and I imagine weekends are probably busier than field trip mornings (I’ll update you on that when we go on a weekend).


Of course snacks inside the aquarium are ridiculously priced, as expected.



Yes.  Because annual passes are 25% off right now, I decided to get a single annual pass for myself.  I figured we would come a few more times so it was worth the pass for myself.  I didn’t get one for Kyler, because the difference between 1 and 2 people on the pass was $50.  If you have a pass, you can bring guests for half off.  So I will only have to pay $5 each time we go, and I don’t think we will go more than 10 times.  The point is, be prepared to do some math and you can figure out what’s worth it to you!



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