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Annette's Fitness First stroller workouts


Outdoor bootcamp-type workouts you can bring your kids to.  Annette’s Fitness First workouts are for anyone, and are specifically designed for “kids-in-tow”.  Annette offers a variety of personal training services, both group and private.  I am reviewing the outdoor group workouts that are held regularly each week.  There is typically one outdoor bootcamp workout each week and one outdoor traveling (stroller-friendly) workout each week.




punch cards available

Annette can take card or cash at the workouts.




Recently the travelling stroller workouts have been around the lake at Cornerstone Park.  In the past they have been on the Pitman Wash trail near Silver Springs Recreation Center.  The outdoor workouts (non-travelling) are currently being held at Amador Vista Park.



Annette has a Facebook page where she creates events each week for the workouts.  The schedule right now is Monday at 9:30 for the travelling workout and Wednesdays at 9:15 for the outdoor bootcamp workouts.  The schedule is always up to date on the Facebook page. 


During the travelling workouts, everyone meets at the park and then takes off together.  Annette takes us through a warmup and some stretching at the beginning.  The workout consists of walking, jogging or running short distances, then stopping to do things like pushups, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, squats, lunges, stairs, dips, etc.  Annette carries a backpack with resistance bands for biceps, abs, etc.  She also carries a speaker for the music, to keep it fun! The workout typically covers a little over a mile in distance.


The outdoor bootcamp workouts are similar, but do not travel by running around the park.  The workout is stationary and next to the playground for those who have kids with them. 


The workouts are both kid-friendly. Not everyone who comes brings kids, but several do.  All kids are welcome, from babies in strollers to kids on scooters.  Days when school is out are very popular and there are usually quite a few families there, with a big swarm of kids around us as we do our burpees.  On these days Annette will even to “kids races” at the end of the workout.



If you are going to the stroller workout, a jogging stroller is best, but not necessary.  Both locations I have been to are paved and easy to travel.  I have seen several non-jogging strollers.  Bring a water bottle, and anything you need for the kids.  I pack lots of snacks and a few toys to keep them busy.  I bring Kyler’s bike for him to ride.  Dress for the weather, as the workouts are outside.




When I first moved to Henderson, I started running at the park.  I saw a group of ladies running around with stroller and doing calisthenics and I was intrigued.  As they passed me by I asked what they were up to and Annette gave me her card.  A few months later I started going to the workouts.  Everyone is so nice and I get a good workout in (as verified by my caloric burn on my smartwatch, compared to other workouts I do). 


When Korbin (1) was born he had a stomach condition that made him extremely fussy most of the time.  At a few months, I was taking him to the stroller workouts with me, and he cried most of the time.  (Lest you think I’m a terrible mother - I was doing everything I could for him and he actually cried LESS in the stroller than he would have if I had stayed home.)  Annette and the group of ladies were super helpful.  The workouts were modified on the fly so that the stroller could be kept moving at all times to calm the baby.  I would run with it, then when we stopped to do an exercise somebody without a stroller would jog mine a little, then come back to swap with me to do their exercise.  I was so grateful for how accommodating everyone was and that I could still take care of myself when I felt really overwhelmed by my situation.  We worked through that phase and now we are at the point where he loves our stroller workouts.  Kyler is really fast on his bike and will ride next to me while we run.  He always asks when we are going to “exercises.”



Flexibility:  Depending on who is there, how many people are there, and varying abilities, the exercises can always be adapted to the group’s needs.  I was nervous about being able to “keep up” when I first started, but that is never an issue.  You work at your own pace and intensity.


Inclusive:  There is a wide variety of people who come to the classes.  Some have young kids and some don’t, some are in shape and some just had a baby.  I have always felt accepted and comfortable in the group.


Togetherness: I love that my kids see me taking care of my body and that they can be with me while I do it!  They get some exercise too!


Outdoor:  You know those days where you never leave the house and it feels kinda crummy?  Those days are hard for me.  I look forward to Monday mornings because it gets us outside first thing.  It just feels like a great start to the week.



The only difficult thing about the workout is that because it is outdoors, weather can sometimes be an issue.  Annette is very good at keeping everyone updated on the Facebook event page about what the plan is, and I have only ever had one workout canceled due to lightning.  I have stayed home on my own accord a few times because of cold or wind.



Absolutely.  I have made a habit of the classes and am seeing good results, plus the kids enjoy it!



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