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All Star Swim Academy



30-minute group and private swim lessons and swim clinics, offered for all ages.  The facility is nice, the program is organized, and kids seem to enjoy it.  There is an emphasis on safety swimming.



$25 one-time registration fee

$77/month (basically)

Cost depends on how many lessons a week, if you want private lessons, and if you have multiple children in lessons.  There is no free trial class.  You can do drop-in classes for $20.  If you ask, they will waive the $25 registration fee for the first drop in, but you will have to pay it eventually



10907 South Eastern Ave. Suite #100

(Eastern and Sunridge Heights, near the car wash)



All Star Swim Academy offers swim lessons for all ages, beginning with the little guys (under 3) in parent & me.  Children younger than 3 can be in level 1 after being “evaluated.”  Caregivers are kept separate from the pool in the viewing area behind glass, but you can see the entire pool at all times.  There is a small play area with toys and a television.  There are mens and womens restrooms with space for changing in addition to a family restroom and a few changing rooms accessible from outside the restrooms.  There are showers on the pool deck. 


There is a deck supervisor who helps out with getting kids to the right classes, sitting with kids who get put up on the wall for a time-out (not that that ever happens with my kid…multiple times), and fetches paper towels for the teachers who have booger-nose kids.  There is also a lifeguard who does none of those things, and just lifeguards. 


The pool is about half the size of a regular short-course competition pool, and about 6 classes take place at once.  Each class is capped at 3 students, and many times only has 2.  They cover the usual skills (floating, rolling over, diving for rings, kicking, etc.) but there are also some skills they practice every lesson that are more safety-related.  They are required to sit on the edge of the pool (for level 1), and the teacher pulls them off the wall, they go under the water and have to turn around under water and find the wall again (as if they had fallen in the pool). 


The big question:  Will my small child learn to swim?  My answer:  depending on which program you do… probably not SWIM swim (like across the pool) but get from one place to another in the water?  Yes.  I think it takes more than once a week classes for small kids to truly learn to swim.  But this program does a good job of teaching the fundamentals.  They do offer sessions of every day lessons and I think you get better results faster that way.  And the older kids I see there are swimming across the pool.



Anyone under 3 needs a swim diaper, and it has to be the reusable kind, not the disposable kind.  You can buy them there.  Also bring a towel and goggles, if you want them.


I usually roll my stroller with my baby in to the waiting area because he is sleeping at that time. 



We went and did a drop-in class, liked it, and signed up for lessons.  Kyler (2) is in level 1.  He was comfortable in the pool to begin with, but he has definitely become more confident (can you say jumping off the diving board while no one is looking?! Yikes..).  I don’t know that he has actually become any better at swimming.  I’m not too concerned, because he’s two, but it’s definitely not one of those intense teach your baby to swim things.  He puts up a fight a little bit about going to swim lessons, but once I walk him to his teacher and he gets in, he loves it.



The facility is nice, I feel comfortable in the waiting area.  I can see everything that my son is doing, and if I need to, I can go in on the deck to get to him.  The staff are friendly.  I like how smoothly everything operates.  They are SO punctual.  Everyone gets a sticker on the way out the door.  The make-up policy is nice.  You just tell them you need a make-up and they give you a few different scheduling options.



I wish there was a way for me to communicate with the instructor for a minute after a lesson.  I don’t even know her name.  I’ve gone in during a lesson a few times to get my child for potty, but you don’t get to talk to the teacher about progress.  All evaluations are done by the deck supervisor guy, who then comes out to talk to the parents about what your child passed off.



Yep!  We still are, actually.  We aren’t going to do it year-round, but we have enjoyed several months of lessons.




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