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Water Wings Swim School



Private and group swim lessons.  Try the free trial class!  Classes for all ages are available.  Lessons are more expensive than through the rec program, but you pay for smaller class size and quicker progress (for most kids). We chose to go somewhere else.



$25 one-time registration fee

$18/lesson (Basically)

This all depends on how many times a week you go and if you have multiple children and if you do group or private lessons.  If you want to pay per lesson, it’s $20.  If you enroll in regular lessons, you pay by the month, and the bill changes based on how many lessons you will have that month.



9220 S. Eastern Ave. (Eastern and the 215)

The GPS took us a really strange way to get there, it’s in the shopping center that has the In N Out, back behind Chuck E Cheese.  You can see it when you drive by on the 215.



You can call ahead to register for a free trial class to see if you like it.  The building has changing rooms, a waiting area, and a space with some toys for kids.  And of course the pool.  You receive a colored wristband according to the class you are in, then when it is time, the teacher calls for your color.  The class sizes are very small.  The website says classes are capped at 4 children, but when we were considering classes the lowest level was actually capped at 3.  There are a lot of scheduling options for each level.  If your child is under 3, they will tell you they need to start in the parent & me class.  However, they did say if a younger child is ready for level 1 they can evaluate them and move them up. My husband reported that the water was warm, and very salty.  The teachers use “castles” (PVC pipe structures with a submerged platform) to keep the children above water and contained out in the pool when it’s not their turn to be working with the teacher.



You will need a towel and a swim diaper, if your child requires them.  You may want goggles, although they are generally not used in the lowest levels.



Kyler had a great time.  He is very comfortable in the water and liked all the games they played in the parent & me class.  I also had my eye on the level 1 class nearby, and the teachers seem very aware and interactive.  We went and did a trial of the parent & me class and the teacher told us Kyler would be a level 1, even though he isn’t 3.  We have always done rec center swim lessons and this was our first experience at a private facility.  They were very helpful and informative about the program and if this was our only option, we would be happy to do lessons there.



The class was fun, but also focused on real swimming skills. Everyone I know who goes there has seen dramatic improvement in their child’s swimming ability.



When I filled out all the paperwork in order to do the free trial class, they required my credit card number.  I hesitated to fill it out, but did.  Then there was a box to check that “authorized” payment from my card each month.  I didn’t check it, because we hadn’t done our trial yet and I didn’t even know if we were going to register.  They wouldn’t accept my paperwork to give me my trial lesson until I had checked the box.  The whole thing was strange.  But don’t worry, there haven’t been any charges or anything.


I didn’t find it to be a huge issue, but my husband was not pleased with the condition of the building (old and a little run-down) and the cleanliness of the changing rooms (very wet, shredded diaper everywhere).  I usually take my kids home in their swim stuff anyway, so I would have been okay just skipping the changing room.



Not this year.  We did decide to do swim lessons, but we went with another company.  If I didn’t have any other options, we would have been happy to go to Water Wings.  Several of my friends who have kids in lessons go to Water Wings and have been especially pleased with it.




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