I'm Danielle! Play Henderson is a resource for anyone who parents, nannies, or hangs out with kids. My two boys and I do as much adventuring as possible and we share about it here.  I write reviews of parks, pools, classes, events, etc. and give you what you need to know to make the most of living in Henderson, NV.

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Birthdays are a big deal to me.  I celebrate for all it’s worth.  So you better believe I sign up for every free birthday email there is!  I think everyone should make their birthday the greatest day ever, so here’s my list of some of the best goodies you can get!


Before you start, I recommend having a game plan in place to handle all the marketing email you are about to receive.  I suggest these options:

  1. Set up a new email account just for these emails

  2. Sign up, harvest your birthday goodies, then unsubscribe from each one

  3. Use a service like  Through the website (when you give them your email login information) you can unsubscribe from everything all at once.  Or you can choose to “roll up” the marketing emails, and only receive one email a day from Unroll Me that contains all your marketing email.  It keeps things tidy, and you stay subscribed for the year-round goodies and advertisements.

Also please note:  You will be providing personal information such as your name, email address, birthday (sometimes zip code, phone number, etc) on these forms.  Decide if you are okay with that.  I am not responsible for whatever happens to people when somebody finds out your birthday on the internet!




Straight up free food with no catches.


Firehouse Subs

All you have to do here is show up with your ID (that has your birthday on it) and you get a free sub! Only valid on your actual birthday.  No email address or info required – just walk in!



This category is where you get free food, but will probably still spend a little money at least on a tip, on a drink if you get one, and on somebody else’s food unless you like going to sit-down restaurants by yourself.  You aren’t technically REQUIRED to spend anything to get these offers, but you probably will.


Black Bear Diner

Join the club for a free breakfast on your birthday.



You get a free “grand slam” breakfast (pancakes, eggs, bacon etc.) for your birthday. You get 20% off your entire check when you sign up and every year on your sign up anniversary.



Free pancakes for signing up, every year for your sign up anniversary, and on your birthday (and on National Pancake Day).


Marie Callender’s

When you sign up you get 20% off your next visit.  For your birthday you get a free “Magnificent Six” which is 2 pancakes 2 eggs and 2 pieces of bacon. Throughout the year you get buy one get one meals, $10 off coupons, and notifications of pies going on sale.


Red Robbin

Free burger for your birthday when you join the “royalty” club.  It becomes available 24 hours after you register, so don’t wait until your birthday to sign up.  All sorts of other deals are part of the club, including a tiny part of your purchases being donated to a school of your choice.



No purchase required to get these goodies for your birthday!  Just sign up for the emails.



Get a free bakery item on your birthday, sent on the day of your birthday.



3oz of free yogurt for your birthday, and 3 oz free when you sign up.  If you buy lots of yogurt in a year and work your way up to a higher level of the rewards club, your birthday treat becomes an “unlimited” bowl of yogurt next year … mmmm!


Nothing Bundt Cake

A free “Bundtlet” (sooo gooood!).  Valid for about 2 weeks around your birthday.  It comes one week before my birthday and is good until about 1 week after, giving you a good window to get there and get your free cake!  This is my favorite birthday freebie. (enter email at top of the page)


Jamba Juice

Free small smoothie or 12oz juice for your birthday.  This is processed through downloading the Jamba Juice app and you pull up your rewards account at checkout.  You get $3 off when you sign up, which expires 30 days after you sign up.  The birthday freebie also expires 30 days after you receive it.  I receive my birthday offer one week before my birthday, but I can’t tell if that’s because it’s one week before, or if it’s because it’s the first of the month.  Either way, you have a month to get yourself to Jamba Juice for this freebie.


Del Taco

A free shake! The great thing here is that there’s a drive through, so not unloading everyone out of the car, hooray!  This one comes a week before your birthday and you get a two week window to use it.


Krispy Kreme

A free donut and coffee for your birthday.  You also get a free donut for entering your email initially.  If you download the app, you get ANOTHER free donut!  You redeem your donuts by scanning the barcode in your app.  The birthday reward is sent about a week before your birthday, but I downloaded the app the day before my birthday and it still figured out to load a free donut for me.  Thanks Krispy Kreme!  Bonus:  there’s a drive through.  OR find out when the hot light is on (check the app) and take all the little people with you and they can get a donut too! When you sign up you have the option to add family members’ birthdays too.



Free regular Italian ice for your birthday! This one comes a week before your birthday and expires on your birthday.  It’s one of those things where you can only open the link to the coupon once, so be ready to print the first time.  You can add family members’ birthdays to your account too.  Throughout the year I got some buy one get ones.  There is also a rewards app available.


Baskin Robbins

This emailed coupon is good from about 4 days before to 4 days after your birthday.  You get a 2.5oz scoop for free!



A free drink or food item for your birthday. To set up a rewards account you need to either have a gift card or download the app.  The birthday treat will be added to your rewards app about 2 days before and expires 1 day after your birthday.  You get a free drink when you sign up too.


Genghis Grill

This one is a little tricky.  If you have a rewards account and have used it (told your email to your server or used a physical card) 4 times in the last 12 months, you get a free bowl (free meal) for your birthday! Awesome!  But if you haven’t done that, you just get a free dessert or appetizer.  You also get a free dessert or appetizer when you sign up.  You generally get 14 days to redeem your rewards.  If you sign up right before your birthday it will be a belated birthday present.  I wish I had done this sooner, because we have totally been to Genghis 4+ times and actually I think that’s where I want to have my birthday dinner.  LOVE IT!  The pesky thing is keeping track of your number.  Go to this site and choose “Get a card” to register your email:


Ben & Jerry’s

Free scoop for your birthday.  And a free scoop for signing up!  The birthday coupon comes about a week before and is good until a week after your birthday.  I feel like Ben & Jerry’s aren’t super common, but there’s one at the Shops at Green Valley Ranch that makes for a nice little outing.

(scroll down)



Somebody’s going to have to pay for their own food for you to get your free food


Dairy Queen

A buy one get one Blizzard for your birthday, and also right away when you sign up.




When you sign up you get a “digital rewards card” and you have to somehow keep track of that number to use your rewards.  Although I’m pretty sure I have just printed my emails and used that too.  Initially you get free chips and salsa or a free drink for signing up.  For your birthday you get a BOGO entrée deal.  They send BOGO burritos periodically.  The coupons are good for 2 weeks after you receive it (came on my birthday).


Cold Stone

When you sign up you get a coupon for buy one get one ice cream in the “Love It” size.  This is also the deal you get on your birthday.  It comes on the day of your birthday.  You also get this deal emailed to you EVERY SINGLE MONTH as far as I can tell (or maybe since I never used it they just kept giving me the offer every month?  Nor sure).  Each coupon is good for about 20 days.



When you sign up you get a free roast beef sandwich WITH PURCHASE OF A DRINK and on your birthday you get a free small shake WITH PURCHASE.  Throughout the year you get similar coupons.


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