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MyGym offers classes for kids ages 0 to 7 that are focused on movement and play.  The classes could be considered introductory gymnastics, but also include songs and playing on structures and with toys.  Taking these classes involves becoming a “member,” and some amount of extended commitment.  The quality of the program is awesome, it’s the perfect thing for extra active youngsters.



$75 a month

$75 one-time (?) registration fee



170 S. Green Valley Pkwy #140


The best place to park: Turn right before the roundabout (between the Cheesecake Factory and the next building).  Park on the south side of the store West Elm.  MyGym is on the north side of the building that is next to West Elm.



You should go to the free trial class!  Call ahead and they will get you all set up.  They will also take your information and start sending you emails, but you can always unsubscribe.  You will also be asked to register, of course.  If you think you want to, there is usually some incentive or promotion involved with registering the day of your trial class.


When you arrive at MyGym there is a place to take off your shoes and put on your socks in a little lobby area.  You can then spend some time exploring the gym setup.  It changes every week, so there are always fun new things to check out.  When class starts we sing the “hi hi song” and have circle time, the kids are introduced, and we do some warmup activities and dances.  After time with the group everyone gets to go explore and play while the instructor and helper set up the “adventure.”  The adventure might be something like a tent or structure in the middle of the gym for the kids to imaginary play in or a push car ride down a ramp into the ball pit.  Then for part of the class they set up skills stations and you can switch between them to practice jumping, hanging on the bar, or tumbling with the instructors.  There was also usually swing time with lots of different types of swinging things strung up from the ceiling.  For the classes that parents join in on, they bring out a bunch of toys and balls or books for the kids to interact with while the parents go sit in the lobby for a few minutes to practice separation.  At the end of the class everyone comes together for a puppet story, the “bye bye song” and stamps.



Wear comfortable clothes.  Adults must wear socks, kids go barefoot.



I signed up for this class because it was August, 110+ degrees some days, I was 8 months pregnant, and Kyler (20 months at the time) needed somewhere to run and play where I could supervise but not have to chase him around too much.  I went and did a free trial class and signed up that day.  Because I registered that day, they gave me half off my registration fee.


The official policies and the site says that your tuition gets you one class a week and 2 open gym times per week, but I was told we could come as many times as we want to open gym, and we did.  The open gym times were not usually very crowded, although the dynamic was a little different depending on if a lot of older (up to age 7) kids were there. 



Kyler absolutely loved this program.  He loved the classes and loved the free play.  I liked that during open play there were instructors to play with.  I liked that there were so many different activities for a short portion of each class – there was no trouble with kids losing interest because something new was coming right up.  It was fun to watch him get really good and new things, like climbing and somersaults and hanging on the trapeze.  I loved that he gained so much confidence (he would jump off of things like a crazy person!).  My favorite part of the whole thing was watching his creativity bloom as he tried new things and moved around and stacked mats and blocks to get what he wanted.



There was nothing about the actual program and activities that I didn’t like.  The things I didn’t like were the membership policies and billing.  When we signed up, I was 8 months pregnant and only wanted to do one month, for obvious reasons.  However, they require that you complete at least two months after becoming a member before withdrawing.  They also require that you fill out paperwork to withdraw one month in advance and you have to make one final payment (and get one month of classes) after you fill out the withdraw form.  So this means that if you sign up and only do two months, you have to sign up and withdraw at the same time, and then get two months of classes.  Sound confusing?  It is.


You are allowed to put a “hold” on your account and skip a month or two and come back later without officially withdrawing.  I registered, then did one month, then went on hold and came back for one more month later.  None of this seemed to be tracked super well.  When I first registered, they forgot to bill me, so I called to remind them to bill me.  Then when I went on hold, they continued to bill me, and I had to call and get them to reverse the charge.  Again, when I withdrew from classes, they billed me, and I had to call to get it reversed.


Update: MyGym is now under new management so the above problem may have been resolved since our experience.



If I am ever able to work out a schedule where I can be with each child individually, I would love to have them both in classes, but for right now that doesn’t work out.  I am also a little hesitant to return because it was such a hassle to get into and out of their membership system and billing.




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