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Springs Preserve is an indoor/outdoor exploration experience for all ages. I would describe it as a cross between a museum, a zoo, and a giant park.




Resident Adult $9.95

Resident 5-17 $4.95

Resident 65+ $8.95

Resident student $8.95

Resident military $8.95

Adult $18.95

5-17 $10.95

65+ $17.05

Student $17.05

Military $8.95


Individual membership $30

Family membership $60




333 S. Valley View Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89107



Springs Preserve is huge. You probably won’t see it all in one visit. Below is a brief description of some of the areas/attractions. In addition to exploring these attractions on your own, there are always classes and other organized activities going on. Check the calendar here. For example: Toddler Time activities and stories on Thursdays at 11:00. The Springs Preserve website definitely goes on the list of one of the more useful and easy sites around. They have a really beautiful Instagram feed as well.


The Origen museum: contains an art exhibit, a short film, exhibits about the Nevada landscape and wildlife, and an area with a rotating exhibit, right now it’s interactive math activities.


Boom Town: A replica early 1900s town representing the very beginnings of Las Vegas. You can go into the saloon, homes, the bank, a store, the hotel, etc.


There is a recently refurbished playground with unique play structures.


Botanical Gardens: desert plants


Water Works: hands-on activities teach about where our water comes from and what’s in it


Nevada State Museum: learn about the geological as well as the glitz and glamor history of Las Vegas. See a mammoth skeleton!


Café and Gift Shop


Nature Exchange: (from their website:) The Nature Exchange at the Springs Preserve is perfect for budding archaeologists and scientists alike. Designed to encourage responsible and ethical collecting, the program encourages children to bring in shells, rocks, bark, pinecones and more. Points are awarded for their treasured finds and can be banked or exchanged for another item.


Butterfly Exhibit: seasonal in the spring and fall



I recommend taking a stroller or wagon, even for mostly-walkers. There’s always that possibility that you’ll be really far from the parking lot when you decide you’re done and you’ll be glad you had it. Think of it as a zoo-type excursion, as far as amount of walking and necessary supplies. Because there is so much space and so many activities, I suggest taking your lunch, or at least snacks. Bring water for everyone. Sunscreen too.


Next time we go we’re going to take some change because Kyler really likes to do the penny smashing machine.




We have been multiple times. Last time we spent a good amount of time at the new playground, then took a train ride to Boom Town. It was freezing so we wanted to get inside and both of my toddlers loved the MathAlive exhibit, even though they are too young to understand most of the concepts. Then we explored some of the other exhibits in the museum. They would have loved to play outside in the sand pit but it was too cold. Then we went to the Nature Exchange and took turns pounding on a giant geode until it cracked open and we took it home.



The best part is the variety of activities you can take part in at Springs Preserve. We can spend hours there and my kids are still running off to see the next interesting thing.



We have been multiple times, and have been in extreme weather a few of those times. In both the really cold and super-hot cases, I have wished there was some sort of indoor sheltered option for eating snacks or nursing a baby. There is a café on the top floor of the main building, but you can only be in there if you order (we’ve been asked to leave). There are plenty of places to sit and eat around the preserve, so don’t worry about that, but when the weather gets iffy we pretty much just have to leave.



Yes definitely. The programming is changed regularly and there is always something new to see or do. Also, the space is so large that we only see a small portion of it each visit.




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