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Swim with Michele





Swim With Michele is the name of the very popular semi-private swim lessons held May through July in the backyard pool of Michele Oehler. You can book lessons in week-long sessions, with 30-minute lessons held Monday through Friday of weeks that you book.



$60 for a week of lessons ($12/lesson)



The lessons take place in the backyard pool of a home near Pacific and Van Wagenen.



Swim lessons are available to children ages 3 and up and potty trained. The lessons are semi-private. This means that there will be 6 children in the pool at a time with 5 instructors. The children are grouped roughly by skill level into pairs. During the 30-minute lesson the children will spend 10 minutes each at a station with different instructors working on various skills (diving for toys, gliding, floating, jumping in, etc.).  Lessons are available in morning and afternoons in May and only in the mornings in June and July. Lesson bookings fill up VERY quickly. Bookings open up at the beginning of April, but if you don’t sign up the first day, you may have a difficult time getting the time or week that you want. Contact Michele and ask to be on her email list so you can find out right away when she opens her schedule for the season. (



Your swimmer will need their swim suit, goggles, sunscreen, and a towel. It will likely be very hot for you and any other children you have waiting with you, so take cold water, hats, sunglasses, etc. There are chairs in the waiting area (the back patio) and a play structure with a swing. One major benefit for us was that Miss Michele had extra towels for when we forgot ours (happened twice!). She also has goggles the kids can use if they don’t have/forgot their own, as well as hair elastics if you need one.



This year we did 3 weeks of lessons for my 4-year-old. These lessons were a really good fit for him. He had a great time and he learned to swim – kind of. He’s still not at the stage where I can just let him get in a pool without keeping my eyes on him the entire time, but he doesn’t use a puddle jumper anymore and confidence-wise, he’s there. He learned to dive to the bottom of the pool, to swim freestyle using his arms, gliding, and jumping in. I think his success was in part due to lessons lining up with a good stage for him where he was ready to learn, and the fact that the lessons were so fun that he was engaged and willing to participate.



The pool temperature was good. I was concerned about this and actually intentionally chose an afternoon time slot because my son complains a lot about cold pools, but we didn’t have any issues so that was a big plus for us. 


I felt like the price was really good for what we got. In the past I’ve paid more money for once a week classes that had more students per teacher. I was really happy with the price. 


I also liked the way they ran the classes, rotating stations and keeping things constantly going for every child. A lot of places have a lot of sitting and waiting time while other kids get turns, but with Miss Michele everyone is constantly engaged in an activity.


Going every single day was hard on me as the mom, but it was exactly what we needed to do to make swimming progress. Once a week lessons at the beginning when they are just learning to swim are a waste of money in my opinion, because they don’t retain enough to actually make progress.



My only regret about the content of the lessons is that my son didn’t learn to float. He now has all the skills he needs to be an independent swimmer, but when he gets tired he doesn’t have the option to float, and so I have to always be watching him to make sure he doesn’t go under. They worked on floating a tiny bit, a couple tries each lesson. I feel like I still need to go do lessons elsewhere that focus primarily on the float to breathe skill (like ISR lessons) in order to feel totally comfortable.



Yes we will do a refresher week or two next summer.



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