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Glowzone calls itself a “family challenge arena.” There is mini golf, an arcade, a ninja course, playground, climbing, mini bowling and other attractions – all in the dark.


Excuse the quality of photos on the post - it was obviously very dark and very glowy in there ... !



$30 to play all day

$20 to play for 1 hour

$1 to activate a Glowzone card (or bring one from a previous visit)

Load money to a card to play the arcade


1 free 1-hour play admission is available when you have a Las Vegas Pogo Pass

Get a Pogo Pass (20 Las Vegas attractions for free) for $40 with discount code"playhenderson"



6630 Arroyo Springs St. Ste. 1200

Las Vegas, NV 89113



Glowzone has the following attractions:

  • Mini Golf

  • Arcade

  • Ropes Course (at least 48 inches, under 300 lbs)

  • Ninja Course (at least 7 years old) The usual ninja-type obstacles (tilt boards, warped wall, etc.)

  • Scale the City climbing wall (at least 5 years old, between 40-300 lbs) More of a straight-up climbing experience than the traditional “rock wall” type of climbing.

  • Bazooka Ball (at least 7 years old or accompanied by an adult) Like paintball, except no paint. The balls looked soft and bigger. We didn’t get to see this one in action, the arena was empty.

  • Soft City jungle gym (under 7 years old) Think McDonalds play area, except 5 stories tall.

  • Spin Zone bumper cars (at least 5 years and 36 inches) These look like floating hoover-car kind of round pods that bump into each other.

There is also mini bowling and a laser room challenge, which aren’t on the official list of attractions, but were actually our two favorite things (see “what we liked” below).


When you enter Glowzone you either pay for unlimited play for an hour or you can pay to play all day. You also purchase a card that gives you access to the attractions.


Mini Golf and the jungle gym don’t require a card swipe, so if you’re there on a 1-hour play, save those for last to maximize your time after your 1 hour on the card times out.



The site says closed toed shoes are required for all attractions. However, I saw a lot of parents there wearing sandals. I assume they only check your footwear if you are trying to do something like the climbing wall or bazooka ball or ninja course – any of the attractions that have an attendant. There is plenty of space for pushing a stroller if you choose to take one.





We used our Pogo Pass to get 1 hour of free play. When we first walked in, the employee told us “they’re a little small,” meaning my kids (4 and 2) wouldn’t be able to do a lot of the attractions. We don’t have a Pogo Pass for our 2 year-old. It was all a little vague at check-in whether we needed to pay for him ($10) or not, since he was too small to do most of the activities anyway. In the end, the girl let us just scan the passes for the three of us, and we just let the baby do the things he could and use one of the three balls we got for mini golf.


We had set out that Saturday to go mini golfing and saw that Glowzone had mini golf and was on our Pogo Pass for free. It turns out the mini golf was a letdown, it lasted about 10 minutes for us (see “what we didn’t like” below). After mini golf we discovered mini bowling, which was a hit and then they tried the jungle gym for a minute, then we played the laser challenge for a while.


For us, one hour was just the right amount of time, since we couldn’t do most of the attractions. If you have older kids who meet the age and weight requirements, one hour might be a little short for them. However, I imagine with older kids you spend less time with chasing and herding and looking for shoes and potty breaks, so maybe one hour would be plenty.



The mini bowling was a lot of fun for the kids, they spent a good amount of time there (I would consider it meh for adults). The games are 5 frames long, and the balls are mini sized. Perfect for the kids.


The other favorite attraction was the laser room challenge. We discovered this on the way out. It’s not on the list of attractions, but our cards worked on it, so it wasn’t technically part of the arcade. You go into this small dark room and you can play one of two games. You can play “get across the room to the money without breaking a laser beam” (James Bond scenario) or you can play “break as many lasers as you can before time runs out” (that’s what we did). We probably played this one 12 times in a row before our hour was up.



It was a little bit of a bummer that the arcade games were extra. The kids didn’t really understand why the Glowzone cards we had wouldn’t let them play the games (especially since we had just been at Gameworks the week before, where they swiped cards to play games). 


We went to Glowzone for the mini golf mainly, and it was pretty underwhelming. When I think of mini golf I think of moving parts and complex courses and a path you follow. This one is more like 8 or so random, separate holes with no clear course or order and nothing really interesting about it except the fluorescent glow in the dark. So if you’re looking for good mini golf, try somewhere else.


I’m not a huge fan of arcade-type places, I find them way too overstimulating. My limit is one hour for sure. If you or your kids are the same way, keep that in mind.



For us, this seems like a maybe once a year visit for us. It would also make a good activity for if cousins come in town or something like that. It’s probably not something that we would have chosen to do on our own, but I was glad we had the admission on our Pogo Pass so we could try something new.



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