I'm Danielle! Play Henderson is a resource for anyone who parents, nannies, or hangs out with kids. My two boys and I do as much adventuring as possible and we share about it here.  I write reviews of parks, pools, classes, events, etc. and give you what you need to know to make the most of living in Henderson, NV.

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Construction vs Cancer



Each year in February the American Cancer Society, in conjunction with local sponsors from the construction industry, puts on an event where families can get up close and personal with big construction equipment.



Free, but you need to register and donations are appreciated



In the parking lot/dirt lot behind the Silverton Casino.




At the event kids will get to ride in and operate various types of construction equipment. There are also booths set up by sponsors in the construction industry and most booths have a game or activity and handouts or prizes for the kids.


Register online to attend the Construction vs Cancer event. The online information doesn’t make it entirely clear, but the event is open to the public, to anyone who registers, not just for cancer patients and their families. I have called the event coordinator to verify this.


There is plenty of parking in the Silverton/Bass Pro parking lot. The best time to go is right at the beginning, as it does get crowded and prizes run out.


This is a very well-put-together event with excellent sponsors. You will have a good time and potentially walk away with some great souvenirs/prizes. The reason sponsors are so generous is to provide an enjoyable event for patients and their families and also to draw in members of the community who will come to the event and donate to the American Cancer Society to help fight cancer. Be sure to keep this in mind as you enjoy the event.




Dress for the weather. We were glad we had coats and hats this year, but wished we also had gloves! 


The first year we went the event was on a dirt lot where an umbrella stroller may have not done well. Most recently the event in was in the paved part of the parking lot and there is plenty of room to maneuver in a stroller.


Food trucks are available. I wouldn’t expect to be at the event long enough to need to pack a meal unless you wanted to.



We originally found out about this event because my husband is in the construction industry and the company he works for is a sponsor of the event. 


This year we were went right when the event opened. It was freezing! We headed toward the large equipment first to avoid long lines later. On the way we spotted a company offering a corn hole toss and giving out big toy trucks that pulled toy tractors, they were a big hit with my boys. We rode in a backhoe and got to spin around and open and close the bucket. Then we visited some booths where we got to build marshmallow launchers out of pvc pipe, toss balls into construction hats, build giant jenga sets, do a ring toss, and move balls between buckets with a mini ride-on digger. One booth gave us little wooden birdhouses to take home to paint. We went inside an RTC bus where we spun a wheel and won a Golden Knights tshirt and tickets. One of the favorite activities was the giant sandbox that had prizes buried inside. There were all sorts of characters walking around interacting with kids including Avengers, Disney Princesses, and Jack Sparrow. There was circus entertainment on the main stage. We stayed at the event for about 90 minutes. If we didn’t have somewhere to be we probably would have stayed another 30-45 minutes.




We really enjoy how the event sponsors interact with the kids. They get a good amount of time in the equipment and we’ve never felt rushed to hurry up and have our turn be over. The prizes offered by many of the sponsors are really quite good. Overall it’s a very well-done event for a great cause.



Being in February, the weather for this event hasn’t been great any time we’ve been. Obviously this is not under anyone’s control, but it’s something we take into consideration when we’re deciding to go.



We have been the last two years and plan to continue going each year as our schedule allows.



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