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Kindermusik is a global program of music and movement classes for parents and young children. Classes are run locally by Desert Song Music for ages 0-6.



Free for newborn – 4 mos

$40/month for 4 mos – 1 yr

$55/month for 1yr – 5 yr



There are various locations throughout the valley. Current locations include:


Fidgets Indoor Playrground

7835 S. Rainbow Blvd Suite 15

Las Vegas, NV 89139


Kids Time

7260 Cimarron Rd Suite 100

Las Vegas, NV 89113


Dance Zone

11221 S. Eastern Ave

Henderson, NV 89052


Las Vegas Baby Co.

2298 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy Suite 108

Henderson, NV 89052


Coronado Heights Senior Living

2320 Ione Rd

Las Vegas, NV 89183



Choose a class that fits the age of your child. Generally there are baby, toddler, and mixed aged classes. Classes for different ages are available at a variety of locations.  You can attend one first class for free as a trial. Additionally, babies are free until they are 4 months old.


You are charged monthly and the cost includes one class per week plus materials. You can also attend one extra class each month for free. The materials include a board book, a CD of songs, and an instrument, as well as information and activity suggestions for parents. Each month a new theme is introduced. The content of each class is centered around the theme and each family gets a new set of materials each month relating to the theme.


Classes are 45 minutes long and include movement, music, stories, and imaginative play. The children get to experience a lot of interaction with the instructor, with the parents, and with the other children.




You don’t need to take anything specific to class other than the usual diaper bag supplies if you’re in that stage. You do not need the Kindermusik materials for class.



I have attended a Kindermusik class with both my newborn and with my 3 year old.

In the toddler class we started by playing with toys. My son was very shy at first, but warmed up. Once everyone arrived we picked up toys and started with a song. The theme of the class was transportation. Parents and children sat in a circle and we sang hello to each child individually in the way they liked best (“jump hello to Johnny” and “clap hello to Susie”). As the class continued we did several songs that all included some gross motor skills. We took some rides in baskets and gave the children rides in our arms (pretending to be trains, airplanes, etc.). The kids got to crawl through hoops and toss and catch scarves.


The infant class also started with open play with toys and then an introduction song. We then used some shaking instruments to introduce some rhythm to the babies. We did some guided game songs with the babies in partners, mirroring each other. There was a range of ages in the class. Some of the babies had started class at a month old and in the class we were in were starting to crawl. The babies had some tummy time to music. There was a story that surprisingly captivated all the babies. My baby was a tiny infant at the time of the class, so he couldn’t grasp a rattle or sit up or anything, but I was surprised by how interested and attentive to the music he was. He made it almost the entire class without fussing, even though at 2 months he couldn’t actively participate.



I consider myself a “music person,” so music is important to me and I want my children to be exposed to music early. This class seemed like a good way to give me the developmentally-appropriate tools and activities that would make music fun for my kids.


I appreciated that the variety of locations and schedules (especially the Saturday offerings) made it so I could attend with my children at our convenience. The price is very reasonable compared to other similar classes and you get great value for your money, especially since you get the new materials each month.


I was also really impressed by the community feel of the class. The other families were warm and welcoming. The instructor knew everyone personally and seemed to be in touch with families outside of class. She knew who was going to be there and who had been travelling recently and what each child liked and didn’t. 


My favorite part was just the opportunity to have distraction-free engagement with my kids, centered in music. I really enjoyed having the one-on-one time that I don’t usually get with three young kids at home. I loved being with a group of other parents who were fully engaged with their children as well. It was just a very joyful, connective experience.



The only thing I felt was missing was an option for a class where I could bring all my kids, ages 0-5. I would love to do music all together. 



I would like to sign up for ongoing classes with my youngest. I’m not sure yet if it will work out with our schedule, since I need someone to be with my other kids while we’re in class, but it’s definitely something I would like to do if it works out. We are especially interested in the new class being held at the senior center.



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